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New Orleans Dance Network Celebrates Five Years of Service

March 2020 marked the five year anniversary of the New Orleans Dance network. As New Orleans Dance Week (Sept. 19-26) approaches, it feels like an appropriate time to celebrate NODN’s rich history and mission of service within the greater New Orleans area. At a time when many of our dance community members and organizations have embarked on a delicate dance between physical and virtual spaces, I am particularly grateful for New Orleans Dance Network’s continued commitment to serve “as a hub to bring our advocacy efforts into the 21st century.” For more information on New Orleans Dance Network’s purpose and progress, click on the “Mission + History” tab listed on the website.

New Orleans Dance Network’s formation five years ago, while an important marker in New Orleans dance community’s long and layered history, is simply a snapshot in time. I say this with the utmost appreciation for the organization and its founding members, Brittney Williams, Laura Stein, and Ann Glaviano. I say this, because I believe that feeling of brevity and being one part within a greater whole is a foundational element contributing to two reasons for which I greatly admire NODN and its founders: acknowledgement and inclusivity.

“The mission of the New Orleans Dance Network (NODN) is to serve the community by promoting the visibility and viability of dance in the greater New Orleans area.” -NODN

Three existing and independently published online resources merged under one umbrella in the founding of New Orleans Dance network. These resources include: LA Pointe (Williams), Dancing Grounds (Stein), and Dance in NOLA (Glaviano). NODN’s founders, although not the first to make efforts to organize New Orleans’ dance communities, did what so many of us are learning and striving to do right now… look, listen, and acknowledge one another. They saw the existing landscape of the dance community five years ago and embraced collaboration with one another and other community partners to “support the development of dance in New Orleans.” This communal spirit continues to be at the heart of NODN’s programming today.

NODN was created as “an inclusive online resource.” This manifests in the many ways through which the network connects and shares an influx of information relevant to the New Orleans dance community. With just a quick glance at the website, we see NODN’s response to dance artists here and now, as related to COVID-19. This includes easy-to-find links to local resources and financial assistance for the community. Even as individual artists and organizations begin to dip their toes into the waters of in-person classes and live performances once again, NODN continues to share this and other related information about access to space, job and performance opportunities, and various events on the NODN website and social media pages. Through regular meetings with local dance community members, NODN continues to discover and engage with community needs by facilitating transparent dialogue and action. To join us behind-the-scenes, email:

Speaking of action! Want to know how you can support and celebrate New Orleans Dance Network’s five years of service in the days leading up to New Orleans Dance Week? Here’s a simple list of steps you can take to show your support and celebrate our community!

5 Ways to Serve, Support, and Celebrate New Orleans Dance Network Today

  1. Make a donation.

  1. Become a volunteer.

  1. Join the network as a Community Member.

  1. Commit to action in NODN working groups and community meetings.

  1. Participate in New Orleans Dance Week 2020!


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