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Photo Credit: Emily Rose Apple


The mission of the New Orleans Dance Network (NODN) is to serve the community by promoting the visibility and viability of dance in the greater New Orleans area. 


The New Orleans Dance Network has two functions:

  • As a service organization, NODN offers programming to support the development of dance in New Orleans.

  • As an inclusive online resource, NODN connects the New Orleans community to performing artists, choreographers, instructors, talent agencies, studio spaces, rehearsal spaces, performance venues, performing opportunities, job opportunities, presenting organizations, drop-in classes, workshops, and master classes.  


Formed in January 2015, the New Orleans Dance Network developed organically out of the efforts of multiple volunteers and nonprofit organizations to connect the local dance community and disseminate information about performances and training resources.

Independently published websites and newsletters, including those produced by LA Pointe, Dancing Grounds, and Dance in NOLA, merged under the NODN umbrella. Local dancers, dance-makers, instructors, and community organizers began regular meetings to discuss community needs and determine what programs and resources might best meet those needs. 

The dance community in New Orleans has a long, diverse, and storied history, and many individuals and organizations have led efforts to organize the community over time. Through in-person gatherings and online resource-sharing, NODN serves as a hub to bring our advocacy efforts into the 21st century.

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