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Art Klub presents: rj(c)- extraordinarily ordinary

Art Klub presents: extraordinarily ordinary reese johanson (collective) brings you: “extraordinarily ordinary” - exquisite day to day humdrum and drama presented as an immersive gallery of dance and physical theatre. March 16, April 20 and May 25, 8pm (doors at 7:30pm) Advance tix $12, $18 at the door NOTAFLOF Choreographed by Reese Johanson with Alex Frosch, Sohalia Hussain, Reese Johanson, Mike Mito, Stella Peralta, Richard Siday, Emmalee Sutton, W.P: Victory, Kendra Unique Wells, Josie Ygnatowiz Music and sound design by Clifford McPeek and Patrick Driscoll Lighting Design by Phil Stalcup Artist statement: The exquisite day to day of life, our rituals- like brushing teeth or making coffee, pumping air into the bicycle tire, and the struggles we endure, like getting the groceries through the door without the bag breaking spilling all of the sundries in the foyer, digging through the bureau for matching socks, finding that there is toilet paper hanging out the back of your pants. We have been pondering on how day to day life is exquisit in its essence, both seen minutely, and blown up in exaggerated form until no longer recognizable, but evolves into something oh so different, oh so deeply, humanly real and moving. I am an impressionistic artist but with bodies and music in space, shape and time. The audience is invited to walk through the entire space circle at will around the performance and performers, viewing us as if we are a gallery. We hope that you will look deeply and see your souls with us exposed. -reese

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