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Melange Dance Company presents.... La Résistance


WHO: Melange Dance Company

WHEN: November 9-11, 2018

WHERE: Contemporary Arts Center l 900 Camp St


PRICE: $20-$25


La Résistance is an energetic tribute to the power of our people, demonstrating how one generation’s radicalized ideas become the following’s common sense in an evolving venture through the ages of resistance. We explore the unprecedented fight for social justice, the Civil Rights Movement, uncovering raw emotions that must be faced to awaken and effectively organize for epic change. From the selfless story of the legendary Freedom Riders' courageous efforts to end segregation in the south, to the March on Washington, and the legacy of Recy Taylor, we portray the complexities of revolution. In an exciting mesh of spirit,we bring to life the parallel movements that followed, from Women's Liberation, the Summer of Love, to the Stonewall riots that led to our first Pride Festival, and the largest grassroots resistance yet, the 2017 Women's March, demanding justice for all, including our mother earth. “Sea levels are rising, and so are we.” La Résistance looks to the next generation's rising voices who have bravely turned trauma to activism to say #neveragain, culminating in a celebration of people power to realize that we can all be heroes. Performances: November 9-11 all at 8pm Choreography and Conceptualization: Monica Ordoñez Dancers: Alexa Erck Lambert April Dayok Clinton Parfait Daniel Masterpiece Jones Emily Apple Elle Ciccarone Jones Gianni Reid Hannah Bahney Kendra Unique Kentro Mason Taylor Kristy Ganssle Laudrey Cody Mack Guillory Monique Brogan Nicole Buckels Palmer Mills Tai Teamer Costuming: Kaci Thomassie Artistic Director: Monica Ordoñez Executive Director: Alexa Erck Lambert Cover Photo: Emily Apple THANK YOU to The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation and The New Orleans Theater Association for your support! For more information please visit or email us at We hope you'll join us in healing, hope, and ACTION for a better world!

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