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New Orleans Swing Dance Festival 2017

WHEN: September 28 – October 1

WHERE: Ace Hotel New Orleans l 600 Carondelet St, New Orleans, Louisiana 70130

Ticket Information:

The New Orleans Swing Dance Festival Sept 28th thru Oct 1st 2017 THE NEW ORLEANS SWING DANCE FESTIVAL IS A MUSIC FESTIVAL FOR PEOPLE WHO LOVE TO DANCE! Featuring musical performances by the best of New Orleans jazz, swing, and blues: The Preservation Hall All-Stars Showdown All-Stars Shotgun Jazz Band Tuba Skinny Washboard Rodeo John Zarsky's Tradstars G & Her Swingin' Three Hot Toddy & His Fully Dressed Po'boys The Royal Street Wreckers Taryn Newborne Antoine Diel Miss Sophie Lee With guest performances by: Frankie Manning Foundation Ambassadors Denver Diamond Dolls Atomic Cherry Bombs Black Lindy Hop Matters The International Sh$tstorm The Jazz Squares The New Orleans Chorus Girls Kendall & Ronnie Roderick Dan Wally Baker Bobby Bonsey Darryl Young and more! Daytime dance classes for all levels (even beginners!) with: Giselle Anguizola LaTasha Barnes Chance Bushman OZ Cooper Mike Faltesek Kerry Genese Mia Halloran Marissa Joseph Nikki Kontoulas Laura Manning Nikki Marvin Shesha Marvin Andy Reid Randall Rosenberg Alan Stokes Joseph Wiggan Todd Yannacone Panel Discussions: Traditional Jazz, Race and Nostalgia: looking to the future of our musical traditions. AND Combatting Sexism, Homophobia, Exploitation and Sexual Assault in the Dance Community: a conversation about community values and best practices. MORE EVENTS TO BE ADDED! -------- WHAT TO EXPECT THIS YEAR During the day we are offering dance classes in a diverse array of styles including: Lindy Hop, Tap, Jazz, Balboa Swing, Blues, St Louis Shag, Carolina Shag, Chicago Steppin’, Detroit Ballroom, and so much more. All of these dance styles are related in some way or another. Many classes will feature live music! Evening social dances will feature 2-3 rooms of dancing at a time. These rooms will be labeled according to style of music, not style of dance. We think you should dance however you want to whatever music makes you feel good. Its the New Orleans way! Rooms include: Jazz/Swing Room (featuring live bands), Rhythm & Blues/Soul Room (featuring DJ’d music), and The Jam Room–bring your instruments and play music for dancers! There will be no dance contests happening this year. (The Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown is on indefinite hiatus.) We’re setting aside competition and are looking to the future of our dance traditions by honoring our diversity, exploring not only jazz history but also American history, and making moves to create a stronger, more inclusive, global dance community. ------ A FRIENDLIER EVENT FOR ALL! Participating in a huge dance event like the Swing Dance Festival can be daunting - especially in a city as rich with possibility as New Orleans. Whether you're an experienced dancer visiting from across the world, or are taking your first (dance) steps, we have the Crescent City Swing Community Ambassadors available to make you feel at home. If you’re not sure where to start at the Festival, find an Ambassador. We’d love it if you asked us for a dance. But we’re also here to tell you about the best po'boy in town, the happy hour special you can't miss, the best walking route from A to B, and where to find our live, local music. We're rolling out the red carpet for you - we love this city, we love to dance, and we want to share them both with you. ------- We are incredibly excited about the festival this year and can’t wait to share the experience with you! ♡ FOR MORE INFO, TO BUY A TICKET VISIT, AND TO BOOK A HOTEL ROOM: WWW.NOLASWINGDANCEFESTIVAL.COM Questions? Email us at ---------- The New Orleans Swing Dance Festival, now in its 9th year, is held every year on the weekend before "Columbus Day" weekend. Can't make it this year? Check your calendar and plan ahead!

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