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July 2017: Derek Brueckner

WHEN: July at the Art Klub

WHERE: Art Klub l 1941 Arts Street

WHO: Derek Brueckner

Derek Brueckner is an artist and educator who creates, curates, and participates in collaborative performances where he integrates various environments, prosthetic surfaces, audio/voice recordings, text, live-feed and pre-recorded video projections.

Derek's work involves collaborating with dancers, musicians, actors, opera singers, and other visual artists. He intends to utilize his residency time at the Art Klub creating a new series of video, drawings, paintings, and installations based on collaborations with New Orleans* artists.

You can learn more about Derek Brueckner here.

*If you are not in the New Orleans area but would like to particpate, cyber-collaborations via skype, snapchat, and other platforms are possible.

If you are interested in collaborating with Derek Brueckner, please email him here.

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