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The Pocket. A Hip Hop Workshop

  • Friday, May 26, 2017 l 6 PM - 10 PM

  • Spotlight Dance NOLA l 1995 Gentilly Blvd.Suite C6

New Orleans, Louisiana 70122

Be U. Know U. presents a series of Hip Hop Workshops focusing on exploring the different textures of Hip Hop Dance as we find "The Pocket"- the moment in music found that moves each dancer from just "dancing to" the music to "living in" it. In this particular series, we set to sharpen our technique by finding "The Pocket" based on the stylistic & creative movement of Choreographers Kristal "M2daE" Jones, Jay Tellis, Grayling "Gray" Walker, and Rickey "Uncle Rick" Williams. The workshop will consist of four class sessions; each session will consists of 35-40 minutes of instruction and 15 mins of in class performance, with 5-10 mins breaks in between. Agenda 6-6:55 Rickey Williams 7-7:55 Kristal Jones 8-8:55 Grayling Walker 9-9:55 Jay Tellis Ticket available at

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