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MAY 19-21: MOVEment for Change

WHEN: May 19-21, 2017 l 8PM-10PM

WHERE: The Art Klub l 1941 Arts St.

MOVEment for Change is a platform for socially conscious artists to share their vision for a world made better through artistry. This platform, hosted by Artivism Dance Theatre, brings together artists of all genres and backgrounds to explore issues that are relevant to our society and encourages audiences to start a dialogue around these issues. Artivism Dance Theatre curates a collection of artists from various disciplines (including dance, theatre, poetry, stand-up comedy, and visual arts) and brings them together for a night of sharing and discussion. We choose work that promotes positivity, dialogue, and action and make a point of keeping MOVEment for Change a welcoming environment for people of all backgrounds and beliefs. With this night, Artivism Dance Theatre, aims to promote art that is more than entertainment. Art that is impactful on a greater scale and brings artistry, intellectualism, and activism together

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