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MAY 13-14: Good Dance F.I.V.E

WHEN: May 13 – May 14 l 8PM

WHERE: LB Landry - OP Walker College and Career Preparatory High School l 1200 L B Landry Ave

The award-winning dance company Good Dance Since 1984 will culminate their 5 year anniversary with world premiere, "F.I.V.E", which examines the behaviors, misunderstandings, and importance of predatory birds and mammals. For this very special occasion, Good Dance has mentored 15 pre-professional local dancers who will take the stage with the professional company this May, as the new work sets the tone for an evening of spectacular movement, energy, and creativity. These supreme predators see what they want and they capture. Create a dream, defy the odds, and capture your destiny. This electrifying show will leave you wanting more. Get your tickets NOW!

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