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A Women's Symposium on Alternative Medicine

As women leaders in our families, communities & businesses we must keep up on our health & wellness which often means coming together & sharing our best practices! As a commemoration to women during Women's Month please join us for a Free, Fun & Dynamic opportunity to do so. On Sunday, March 26th come with your girlfriends & meet new girlfreinds for and OPEN HOUSE & OPEN DIALOGUE on complimentary & alternative medicine; lets learn about the various kinds available & their multiple uses. Using an interactive format we will present, converse & demo various forms of low-cost alternative therapies currently accessible throughout New Orleans. Come learn how to ENHANCE & BALANCE your Energy, Self-Esteem, Relationships, Mental-Clarity, Breath, Self-Confidence, Movement, Productivity, Self-Love, Vitality, Focus, Creativity, Sleep & much, much more! The goal for the afternoon is to expand our community by empowering, educating & exposing how we can create better overall health & wellness using alternative methods. All practitioners for the day have been selected for their talent, passion & experience and are reflections of the healing attainable for you in New Orleans! Practitioner Roster & Contribution: Ajax: Presenting Yoga as a Therapy for mind-body-emotion reviewing postures good for energy, emotional release & mental clarity. Shermicya Singleton: Presenting Massage as Therapy, she will bring her massage chair for mini-massages. Dr. Arwen Podesta: Providing information on Counseling & Therapy services available in New Orleans. Sula: Presenting Song & Chant as a way to connect with your emotional-body. Danielle Morris: Representing Nutrition & Veganisim by sharing tasty vegan treats, recipes & information on a Vegan diet and its benefits. Marissa Joseph: Presenting Dance as Therapy Moe Joe will liven up the day with a short demo to help us let go & connect through dance. Donica Ladyd Johns -Local & native New Orleanian and Owner of Natural Mixologist will discuss the value of hydrating your skin using organic ingredients. Donica will also be giving out free samples of her incredible botanical skin care line body butters, scrubs, tonics & creams for the whole family! Sarah Manhy: a local Reiki Master who will discuss & demo how Reiki Energy work can move & heal energetic blockages. Shade Ashani Jaggar: Tapping/Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) she will present, discuss & demo how to release old body memories through Tapping Techniques. Omi Taiwo-Hydration discussing the importance of Hydration & how to attain it. Sharing samples of Omi Beverages teas & juices. Khayriyyah Cutno -Leads NOLA Doulas services and will disucss the significant role of a Doula & present information on a *NEW Meditation Course for pregnant women.

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