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Audition for Shannon Stewart/Aurora Nealand Collab

  • Saturday, March 11, 2017 l 1 PM - 4 PM

  • Contemporary Arts Center l 900 Camp St

DANCER/MOVEMENT ARTIST AUDITION for SHANNON STEWART / AURORA NEALAND COLLABORATION Choreographer Shannon Stewart is looking for up to six skilled movers for a collaborative performance project with musician Aurora Nealand. If you are interested, please come! In addition to being a curious and skilled improviser, I’m looking for people who can retain choreography and are open-minded and collaborative. Availability will be the number one deciding factor. Please check these dates! You must be free: • Rehearsals - at least two of these options – Thursday, Friday, Saturday (12-3) or Sunday 2-5 • Performances o April 16th for a performance at the Sanctuary Cultural Arts Center o May 6th for a performance at the Marigny Opera House o May 26 -28 for a series of performances at the Music Box Village Additionally, you will have to: • Be willing to dance in shoes and on different kinds of surfaces including outdoors • Be willing to use your voice to improvise and make sound, including singing, talking, sound effects, etc. • Come to class as your time allows – Tuesday morning, Wednesday evening or Thursday morning Performances are paid $50-$150 each depending on time commitment and number of shows.

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