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Dancing Our Way Home with Tamalyn Dallal (New Orleans Sessions)

Tamalyn Dallal has committed herself to seven months of bringing Middle Eastern dance home to women of all ages and experience levels- from beginners through professionals... Whether you specialize in Raqs Sharqi, Tribal, Fusion, or Beledi, we can all dance together and celebrate the roots of our multifaceted world of dance. FIrst Session @ Crescent Lotus Persian Empire and its influence on Middle Eastern dance and music We will learn Middle Eastern dance, using a special six point technique that centers the dance inside your body. Three of these points relate to the earth (roots, grounding, internal movement) and the other three relate to the sky (expression). These six points not only enhance your dance, but they align your body from the inside and enhance your energy and self esteem. We will learn about musical instruments, and their roots- from the Persian Empire and Silk Road and how they have travelled and become part of world culture. (Did you know that in the Persian Empire, 'tar' meant strings, hence the guitar we play today is related to 2000 years of cross cultural pollination.) This is only the beginning. Each participant will bring their own map or globe, which will be adorned with colored rhinestones that Ms. Dallal will provide. That way we can see how cultures of the "cradle of civilization" have intersected, and how they continue to affect our lives today. What you will learn: *One dance from the region we are studying: Persia, Silk Road, Andalusia and the Ottoman Empire. *We will also learn a structured improvisation dance that can be expanded to include people from the other groups when they meet. (Each group will learn the same one). Classes are 2 hours long, so we can dance 1.5 hours and have discussion/ films for 30 min. At the end of seven weeks, the four groups will join together in one of our homes in New Orleans for a traditional women's party in which we will perform for each other, share foods from the regions we are studying, and feel free to dance socially. At the end of this series, (2nd week of August) we will do a theater show, showing the four routes and how they intersect. In order to be part of the show, you need to complete all four sections. Those who have only taken part can help with the show production. If someone started the program at the second go round, they can double up and take two classes simultaneously. Same if they started the third time around. Starting the 4th time around, they could be in the show, but that would mean taking all four segments at the same time, or being a production person. This show will have eight group pieces, plus each of the facilitators will do a solo in the style of Middle Eastern dance they choose (Beledi, Oriental, Fusion, Tribal, etc.) Extra rehearsals (free of charge, unless we need to rent rehearsal space) will be needed for those in the show. Cost: $210 for each 7 week segment. If someone signs up for all four segments, it will be $800, and they will receive a T shirt and bag of “Dancing Our Way Home” Seniors and children rates available (community centers or schools) Costumes for the final show will be acquired little by little, at the most affordable price available (hopefully made locally). TO REGISTER:: Paypal $800 (for entire program includes T-shirt and bag) OR $210 (for first 7 week session) to: Please put your desired location: New Orleans/Uptown in the notes section. You can also contact the fascilitator in your area for registration information or to pay by cash/check: Baton Rouge: Katie Gromlovits Covington: Amanda Monjure New Orleans/Uptown: Kryss Statho New Orleans/FQ: Karla Marie Cochran Ocean Springs, MS: Elizabeth Kerry

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