Musings with Myra - Belly Dance Workshops

November 7, 2016

  • November 19 at 10 AM - 5:30 PM

  • Crescent Lotus Dance Studio l 3143 Calhoun St



plural noun: musings
a period of reflection or thought

For one day only, Myra is coming back to New Orleans, Louisiana. Join us Saturday, November 19, 2016 at Crescent Lotus Dance Studio!

10am-12noon - Sexy Hip Circles:
Learn the signature hip circles of the greatest dancers in the history of our art: Samia Gamal, Nadia Gamal, Fifi Abdou, Sohair Zeiki, and others. This workshop covers the anatomy of a hip circle, teaching solid technique and providing an analytical tool to break down any hip circle. Twelve different hip circles will be taught:
Silk Stockings
Reach Infinity
Hip Cat
Turn Around Drop Down
Half Moon Drop
Infinite Umi
Baby turn hip circle
Traveling Record Player
Travel the Clock
The Cat

Peresphone Clothing

1-3p - Taksim
The art of improvisation is the dancer’s highest art form. Learn the history of taksim, how to interpret each instrument visually, follow the phrasing, and analyze geometric shape that expresses the sound you hear. This workshop will work with a variety of circles, figure eights, arm and hand movements, shimmies and turns.

3:30pm-5:30pm - From Taxsim to Tarab: 
The Language of Love ~ Healing Through Ecstasy
Through the creation of sacred geometric symbols, such as circles, figure eights, spirals and vibrations, we will explore the opening of our hearts to the healing powers of love through ecstatic experience. No previous dance experience required. If you are a professional dancer, take your performance to knew depths and heights, by experiencing these techniques, to bring the love within, throughout.

Full Day of Workshops (6 instructional hours) - $100
Single Workshop - $40

Full Day of Workshops (6 instructional hours) - $150
Single Workshop - $60

Please make Checks payable to "Crescent Lotus Dance Studio"
PAYPAL to ""

There will be a small intimate performance that evening. Details are coming and will be a different event listing. 

We have limited performance slots, guidelines to perform are:
1. You must be registered for the entire day by November 1st. 
2. You must either be a professional performer, teacher, or advanced student. 
3. Length of performance not to exceed 6 minutes. 
4. Music and brief bio with promo pic to be emailed MP3 format no later than 11/1 to: 

About the Instructor: Myra Krien is an international performer, choreographer and teacher. She is known for her elegant and graceful presence as well as her stylistic versatility, from traditional Egyptian (folkloric and modern) to classical tribal and contemporary fusion forms, with a strong emphasis on Flamenco and East Indian dance. A highly sought after workshop instructor and choreographer, her workshops are often described as “profound and inspirational”. She imbues her teaching with a deep respect and abiding passion for the form, with strong emphasis on anatomical technique and history of the art form and culture.

For more information about Myra, visit

BONUS!!! First 5 dancers who register get a $20 off gift certificate to Tamalyn Dallal's upcoming program, "Dancing Our Way Home"! DOWH is a 7 month series lead by Tamalyn that begins in January 2017. For more info please visit her website at:

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