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Dancemeditation Basic Practices Workshop

Date: Saturday, July 2, 2016

Time : 10:00:00 AM

Address : 3143 Calhoun Street

Dancemeditation™ Basic Practices is a door to finding a love for movement and to attain a balanced sense of Self on this Earth. The June & July Summer Sessions are FREE! The New Orleans Public Library's Summer Reading Program is focusing on fitness and New Orleans Dance Network has teamed up with NOPL to show all the ways Dance is a great addition to your fitness routine. Donations are always welcomed and appreciated. Sessions will begin with... • Opening Sequence: This breath-based fluid yoga emphasizes equality of awareness in all stages of the movement. Breathing motivates and roots the oceanic repetitions. The oscillations lull the cognitive mind and accentuate an understanding that the act of stretching, rather than holding, is continuous motion. This method engages our body’s fascial network, relieving joint stress. Additional guided movement sequence based on one of the following Dancemeditation™ Basic Practice Subjects... • Breath Dances: We bring awareness to the continuous base note of breathing inside our moving bodies and experiment with different relationships to that pulse. Rhythmic & Non-rhythmic breathing • Gesture: Hands immediately spring to awareness here, but gesture can be made by any body part, or with the entire body. Gesture’s semaphoric, symbolic language opens the realms outside ordinary perception and interfaces elegantly the hypnotic study of ornament. • Deep State Motion: Moving in full receptivity—the sense of being moved—can’t be predicted or forced but it can be gently, sincerely invited. Deep State Motion is this mystical communion. To be moved is to be in what the Sufis call tawhid, or Unity. Deep State practices are a direct handing of the energetic lineage of Sufism. Benefits: personal & spiritual transformation a clear mind, a peaceful heart access to intuition renewed vigor & inspiration improved immune function abundant creativity deep relaxation less physical, emotional, & mental anxiety a HAPPY BODY What You'll Need: Comfortable Clothing that let's you Move A Journal/Notebook & Pen We have Yoga Mats and Blankets but You are Welcome to Bring Your Own. Roots Dancemeditation™ synthesizes three large bodies of work: Art, Somatics, and Dervish mysticism. The materials resourced provide doorways and ignition points to embodied awakening and growth. We use a wide variety of breathing and movement techniques (see Basic Practices for a few examples) within a primarily non-verbal study environment to help us drop out of an over-active, distracted mind into intuitive embodiment. Inner & outer witnessing are balanced.

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