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AUDITION: 8 Fearless Dancers Needed For a Musical, "The Destruction of Dusty Blue"

New play by Nari Tomassetti performed in mid­ November during Faux­Real. Rehearsals start the last week of September. The Destruction of Dusty Blue is a tornado chasing,gun­slinging, raucous, western musical! Live music by Matt Bell and His Orchestra.

This is an ensemble piece which means: an approach to acting that aims for a unified effect achieved by all members of a cast working together on behalf of the play. Needed are 8 dancers male/female, adults only. Styles: Modern.....Ballet....70's disco....Hip­hop....Stage fighting.

You will portray multiple characters: tornado, gunslingers, dead and nightmares. You must be agile for jumping on and off a large wooden horse. There are many fight sequences. You must have a sense of humor and a love for old school musicals and large dance numbers. What you bring to rehearsals is what makes the show amazing and special. If you have any gymnastic skills, kung­fu skills or weird skills please show them. This is going to be crazy fun and super silly with super­sized drama!!!

Please call Nari to schedule an audition 504-377-3996

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