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Seeking Female Dancer for Music Video

The role is paid - $400.

Audition is August 8 at Shanti Yoga Shala

Shoot day is August 16.

The dancer must choreograph her own routine. There will be immense freedom here. We want the dance to progress with the song and match the beat of the song. And we want the dance to take advantage of the classroom setting. Of course me and my co-director will give you feedback and direction.

The song is called Angelus, This is the song. The band is great: The Main Squeeze. They are a rapidly growing funk band from Chicago and have an upcoming album produced by Randy Jackson being released soon.

The video will be shot on Steadicam with a RED Dragon - one of the nicest cameras on the market - what feature films are shot on.



The music video will essentially be one dance performance. A high school teacher's class lets out at the end of the day and as class is ending, we notice that one of the students seems to have a crush on the teacher, he can't stop staring. The class ends and the students exit the classroom. The teacher is cleaning up her desk in the empty classroom and right when the chorus to the song hits, the lights in the classroom change from the standard, fluorescent classroom lighting, to a spotlight on the teacher, and high contrast lighting, making the classroom look more like a dance hall or theatre. At the same time that the chorus hits, the teacher starts to perform an elaborate dance routine throughout the empty classroom. A bit further into the dance, we realize that the student who was staring at the teacher at the beginning of the video, is peeking through the door window and watching the teacher from outside the classroom with total shock and amazement. A little bit later into the dance, we notice that a small crowd of students has now formed behind our lead character and they all watch the teacher through the window with eyes wide and jaws dropping. At the end of the video/song, the teacher looks at the students and the lights go back to the boring fluorescent lighting of a normal classroom. All of the students immediately run away once the teacher notices them, except for our lead character, who is still staring through the window, transfixed. Seemingly appalled and embarrassed, the teacher aggressively and angrily motions to the student to go away. At this point, the student snaps out of it and quickly gets out of there. At the very end, the teacher lets out a little smirk as if maybe she knew the students were watching the whole time.

The details may get tweaked here and there as far the story goes, but the dance performance and the teacher/classroom setting will remain intact.

This music video is the biggest inspiration for the piece as of now:

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