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Summer Intensives 2015: NOLAmazigh II - A Weekend of Dance, Song & Healing

Dates: June 12-14

Where: 3143 Calhoun Street New Orleans, LA 70125

Cost: $210.00

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Additional Event Information:

Class descriptions are listed below. Early bird pricing for the Total Experience ends April 17. Individual classes will be available for purchase on April 18. Friday 7-10pm Meet & Greet + Arabic Symbolism Lecture Saturday 10:30am-Noon EGYPTIAN NUBIAN DANCE Nubian Dance or Raks at Balad el-Aman (Dance of Nubia) comes from Nubia in Upper Egypt and is performed at social festivities. The dance is improvisational in nature, and the dancer draws from variety of characteristic movements with which to interpret the music and show mastery of the rhythm. The second part of the choreography is a dance featuring a rhythm typically played for a person only once in a lifetime, at the occasion of a first wedding. The bright and ornamented clothing that the performer wears would only be worn in the company of her family, as in public she would never appear without her fustan or black cover dress, which is a sign of modesty. While using the flat ball footwork and standing erect in good dance posture, the arms swing in unison forward and back, the Nubian dance has various hand gestures and movements and frequently uses a flat “rice cleaning” basket. The basic step can also be done while leaning forward a little and letting the arms cross in front while swinging them forward and back. The arms are relaxed, as is the rest of the body. this is a fun, fast paced dance. 12:30p-3:30p SONG IMMERSION, STORY TELLING AND INTERPRETATION IN DANCE Amel will introduce storytelling in the Maghreb and how to express a story, a song, how to use hand gestures and facial expression and communicate emotions. Amel will select a special North African popular song, such as “Ya RayaH”, “Sidi Mansour” or another chosen piece by Amel, which will be explored in depth. We will learn the lyrics, cultural and social significance, and underlying rhythm so that all students will have a good understanding of the song before we dance to it. This intensive workshop will culminate not only in learning the song, the rhythms and the dance to a song but also how to narrate stories, convey emotions and bring rituals on stage. 8p-10p SHOWCASE TBD Sunday 11a-12:30p ANDALUSIAN COURT DANCES WITH SCARVES Andalusian city dances in the Maghreb (North Africa) originate from Arab-Andalusian traditions of well respected families in ancient cities, Such as Fes, Rabat, Meknes, Tetouan, Tlemcen, Constantine, Algiers, Tunis, Sousse…also have a Turkish element especially in Tunisia and Algeria. Women only at various festivities perform them. During the workshop Amel Tafsout will focus on the various techniques of dancing with scarves and how to keep the rhythm while improvising. (Please bring two scarves for the workshops). 1p-4p SOUND HEALING, ZIKR & WHIRLING Raised in Algeria, Amel grew up with traditional healing practices of her native country. With a research in dance anthropology and coming from a Sufi spiritual tradition, Amel combines traditional healing with sacred dance. With a long training in various healing practices, her knowledge in music and dance and coming from a lineage of a spiritual Sufi tradition, Tafsout developed her own workshop in sacred dance. She combines her traditional healing background with her learning experience in Sound healing and Zikr, breath work, whirling and trance. The workshop includes body and breath work, sound healing and chanting (Zikr), leading to whirling and ending with Zar-Hadra, an ancient healing ceremony in the Middle East and Africa. Her research in dance anthropology focuses on a culture’s art and ritual expressed in dance as well as a healing form. Please wear comfortable clothing, preferably white and bring a small blanket and a long shawl for the workshop.

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