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Contemporary Master Class (Int/Adv) with Shannon Stewart

Wednesday, May 20, 9:30-11am $10-15 sliding scale Join us for a special workshop with choreographer Shannon Stewart! Class description: Int/Adv Contemporary Technique with Shannon Stewart offers dancers tools that engender availability to a wide range of movement modalities and opportunities. In concrete terms, this entails combining fundamental and recognizable technical exercises (floor work, standing exercises in center, and phrase work) with other physical practices (improvisation, breath and energy work, etc) that support the development of performance presence, a fuller range of movement, and the ability to fluidly move through a wide range of dynamics. Shannon has trained in various contemporary practices in the US, Canada and Europe from ballet to breakdancing to Gaga and Gyrokinesis(r). A lifelong somatics practice informs her attention to body, mind and soul in dance training. Her classes venture through increasingly complex layers of imagery and effort that require commitment and curiosity more so than technical virtuosity. About Shannon: Shannon Stewart creates and tours work for stage and film with collaborator Adam Sekuler. In the past couple of years, she has had the privilege of studying with and being mentored by American post modern choreographer Deborah Hay and Canadian artist Crystal Pite (KiddPivot, Forsythe Company). Her films have been official selections at several national and international film festivals and her choreographic work has toured the US. Shannon has been a company member with tEEth (Portland), zoe | juniper, salt horse (Seattle), Kathleen Hermesdorf (San Francisco), and many others. As an educator and practitioner, Shannon is interested in tools that help us listen and communicate with our bodies more clearly, gently, and productively. She works with beginning to professional dancers, including differently abled people and movers living with neurodegenerative disease. Shannon teaches contemporary technique, improvisation, is certified in Gyrokinesis®, and is a Teaching Artist with the Mark Morris Dance For Parkinson’s program. She is an activist, avid music lover, and choreographic

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