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Movin’ and shakin’ NOLA mamas: Donna Crump of Good Dance Since 1984

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching (that’s right, this Sunday, May 10!), IntheNOLA’s month of May is all about the mamas! And to celebrate these mama movers and shakers, we’re featuring several different NOLA mamas this month! Donna Crump and Lyon Michael Smith, 2 months Mom, choreographer, and performing artist Donna Crump welcomed baby boy Lyon just two months ago…in the middle of Mardi Gras...on Bacchus Sunday to be exact! Now, you know he’s bound to be a mover and shaker just like his mama!

“The most exciting part of being a mom is coming home to that cute face, looking at him, and wondering just how he will impact this world,” Donna said. On the other end of that excitement is a little bit of fear. “I think one of the scariest parts in my book would be Baby Lyon falling out in the loudest tantrum in public! But I guess I better get ready for it because I hear that’s certainlyCOMING SOON!” Although baby Lyon has only been here for a few months, he's already been along with mom and her dance company. “I enjoy bringing Lyon with me to dance rehearsal right now. But I look forward to bringing him to the bayou and feeding the ducks just like my Paw Paw did with me when I was younger.” As mamas and babies grow together, it seems that some mamas may say to themselves, “Man, I’m becoming just like my mother!” And for Donna, she can definitelyAGREE! “I certainly think about how I’m becoming more and more like my mother, Debbie. I know how hard she worked to raise me and my sister, and I’ve always respected that. And now I see myself already working extra hard to make sure everything is perfect for Lyon, and daring anybody to challenge me when it comes to him!” For those future mamas, “when baby sleeps, you sleep,” Donna said. “Kiss the toes every chance you get and be sure to allowYOUR family and friends to help you when they offer.” Donna concluded, “I’m truly blessed to be aNEW MOM. My mother always told me that there’s nothing like a mother’s love, but I never knew it would be like this. I’m so in love with the kid and it’s such an amazing feeling! Lyon is definitely changing me by the day.”

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