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Marigny Opera House sets ambitious 2015-16 season for its New Orleans dance troupe

Marigny Opera House brought joy to New Orleans dance fans by launching a resident dance company in October - and the troupe's coming season, announced Monday (April 6) looks just as promising.

Growth and change are part of the 2015-2016 plans for the fledgling group, which played to packed houses andcritical acclaim during its inaugural season. (That season concludes with a program of world premieres, April 17-19.)

For starters, the organization will change its name. The Marigny Opera House Dance Company will become Marigny Opera Ballet.

Expansion is part of the plan, too. The troupe will add an extra program in the coming season: a four-day run of a new, holiday-themed, evening length dance scheduled for December.

Marigny Opera Ballet also will hire Francis Scully as music director, a move that reflects the company's commitment to live music performances at every dance. Scully is well regarded locally for his work with the New Resonance Orchestra, which often performs at the Opera House.

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