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BodyArt Dance Presents... Maison

WHO: BodyArt Dance

WHEN: March 29-30,2019

TICKETS: $39-$150

Maison is a unique experience for the bold and curious. For two nights, guests are invited to spend an evening roaming a private New Orleans residence, tasting dance inspired dishes and experiencing immersive performance found in the the home’s unique nooks and crannies. "Act One: The Dinner" from 7:00PM - 8:30PM is an exclusive mobile dining experience for a bold few. An intimate group of 12 will enjoy a full dinner of curated dishes inspired by Maison's signature performances. Guests will be pulled into corners and cabinets, bedrooms and balconies to experience a new realm of delights and culinary curiosities.

"Act Two: The Party,” from 9:00PM - 11:00PM is a night of artistic revelry, where meandering guests are pulled into closets with whispering strangers, attics stuffed with secrets, or private concertos with weeping violinists. Act One diners are encouraged to test their daring and partake in everything the night has to offer.

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