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BODYART presents hymn + them



WHEN: November 10-11, 2018

WHERE: 2317 Burgundy St l New Orleans, LA 70117


PRICE: Donation based performance


BODYART makes its New Orleans debut with hymn + them, a contemporary dance work that explores a woman’s belonging and identity in American society. Herself born and raised in Kansas, choreographer Leslie Scott uses Dorothy’s famous journey to Oz as a lens to investigate the identity of today’s American woman. Immediately pulling us into Oz, the audience is individually escorted into a space covered in astroturf and littered with poppies. Lit by peppered house lamps, it’s a contained collision of living room nostalgia and surreal dreamlands. Part autobiography, part fantasy, Scott’s movement collages both rearrange reality and deconstruct nostalgia, to not only reflect Dorothy’s identity as a Midwestern woman, but also find contrast and similarities to identities elsewhere. hymn + them is about the joys of going away, of leaving the grayness and entering the color. Please join BODYART in its celebration of escape and hymn to Elsewhere. Directed by Leslie Scott with performers Rachel Abrahams and Jonathan Bryant. Designed by Hannah Lax Contact: Megan Lewicki 919.200.5246 To reserve your space visit: This is a pay what you can performance open to the New Orleans community - with limited space we strongly encourage you register your attendance

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