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Big, Gay Ballet! An all-age adult beginner's workshop.


Length of Workshop: 8 Weeks

Where: Live Oak Dance Studio l 8204 Oak St

Price: $135 for the whole workshop


Chasse, you stay. It's a Big, Gay Ballet! Always dreamed of learning ballet? Wanted to learn to pointe, kick, pirouette, and extend from a real-life local professional dancer? Has your heart simply craved an inclusive environment, welcoming all shapes, shades, levels, orientations, and ages? We have created New Orleans' FIRST Beginner Ballet Workshop specifically for the LGBTQ+ community. For anyone. For everyone. This is the place for you to be celebrated and enriched. Live Oak Dance was founded on basic principles of inclusivity and excellence, and we are so proud to be able to offer this workshop to our city. This workshop embodies our motto of Ballet for ALL. Aaron Wiggins, professional dancer in the Marigny Opera House Ballet, will be our instructor for this workshop! A one-time fee of $135 covers all eight classes in the eight-week workshop. Please contact to register. Dance shoes required. And you can wear whatever you want, just so long as it's tight. ;)

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