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They Don't Eat Corn Here

Reese Johanson Collective with Art Klub presents: They Don't Eat Corn Here Wed., Dec. 6, 6pm with artist talk back following performance Free, donations accepted! Thurs and Fri, Dec. 7 and 8, 8pm (After party on Dec. 8th with Pink Lion) Art Klub 1941 Arts St. $10 advance - $15 at the door (No one turned away policy, as always at Art Klub) Through rich poetry, live music, dance, and video projections we travel with Beatrice, exploring her unnerving desire to fill an emptiness. How far must she go to find fulfillment and meaning of life? She combats the social impact of urban evolution, falls in love, has a child, tries to save a village from loosing it's culture. Along the way there are many kernels of truth, leading to the meat of the matter. We are all just part of one big food chain. This presentation will be excerpts from the full length piece. This is a work in progress to be fully realized in 2018. Writing and choreography, Reese Johanson; Music by Laura Patterson; Video by Daneeta Loretta Jackson; Physical Dramaturgy and Rehearsal Coach, Jenny Sargent Photo by Zack Smith A Note From the Artist: Reese Johanson on Cultural Anthropology. "I think a lot about the shift in communities’ cultures due to the introduction of new inhabitants. From the simple addition to a daughter-in-law from a different country and how that affects the dynamic of the day to day life in a family, to the complexities of the influx of immigrants because of tourism, war, natural disaster, and how the overall lifestyle of a community is influenced due to this migration. Food, dress, courtship, rearing children, art, music, sports, work ethic…all of this and more will subtly and dramatically, and not usually smoothly, adapt. There is a struggle to fit in while defending one’s ways; maintaining the integrity of one’s beliefs while remaining open to new lifestyles. This dichotomy presents very fascinating subject matter for me. " Reese Johanson is a producer, performing artist, writer, fundraiser for the arts and about town party girl. She has performed and produced across the US and internationally in France and Germany. She creates theatrical works with strong physical and dance elements, while also merging other performance and art disciplines, ultimately creating a holistic theatre experience that is risky, poignant and painfully human. Noted works by RJC are the ambulatory production, UNROUTE, award nominated shows, Flashback and THEY DON’T EAT CORN HERE and M/Other with New Orleans Arts Council's LUNA FETE. She was a company member of Chard Gonzalez Dance Theatre for 5 years. She's worked with theatre producers Bremner Duthie and Nari Tomassetti, choreographing and performing in their productions and played with Susan Millar Boldissar in the joint ad-venture, REBOMIJO, merging live music, poetry and dance, and with Daneeta Jackson in DJ / RJ Co-Lab, interacting live theatre and dance with film and other projections. She is the Executive Director for the non-profit artist inc., (which she founded in 2007), managing and facilitating all of the organization’s programming. Most recently she built the Art Klub, an arts and culture community center in the St. Roch neighborhood of the 8th Ward in New Orleans.

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