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Un) Titled: An exploration of labels both given and chosen

Artivism Dance Theatre presents... (Un)Titled: an exploration of labels- both Given and Chosen November 4th and 5th at 7:30pm (Doors for 7) The Art Klub 1941 Arts St. New Orleans, LA 70117 Tickets Prices: General Admission- $18 Senior/Student/Artist- $15 $20/$18 at the door Tickets: "(Un)Titled" uses dance, theatre, song, and film to speak to the concrete and yet fluid concept of identity. How does the body we wear affect our experience in the world? How much do our own biases and conceptions of the world affect the person we are? How often do our perceptions of ourselves hold us back? We have no answers for you, but we rejoice in our communal conversation. Only by naming and interrogating the labels that divide us can we grow a world beyond them. Artistic Direction: Sophia Rabinovitz Choreography: Sophia Rabinovitz, Elle Ciccarone, Daniel Jones, Derwin May, and Tai Teamer Performance: Elle Ciccarone, Tai Teamer, Lynn Forney, Sophia Dietzel, Daniel Jones, Derwin May, Sophia Rabinovitz, Terreze Williams Light Design: Lucas Pettey and Matt Jackson Rehearsal Director: Elle Ciccarone Poster design: Sophia Rabinovitz PR/Marketing: Derwin May, Lynn Phillips, Sophia Dietzel Artivism Dance Theatre is the resident dance company at Art Klub. This production is co-produced by Art Klub and supported by Artist inc. Find us: or on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: @artivismdance /

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