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Dalia Carella - NOLA Performance Intensive & Weekend Workshops

Dalia is coming to New Orleans!! And it's going to be AMAZING!! For 10 lucky dancers, the weekend will start with a 6 hour performance intensive in which she will teach and set a choreography to be the finale of Saturday night's production, "The Ghostly Cotillion". All participants in the performance intensive will have a spot in the production to be used for a solo, duet, trio or troupe performance. ALL performers MUST be registered for AT LEAST ONE WORKSHOP. More details on performing in the show are way down at the bottom. We like to keep things all intimate and family style in NOLA so the weekend workshops will be limited to 25 participants. 6.5 hours of training with Dalia in classic Orientale, Dunyavi Gypsy and Tango Fusion. Plus, it's all happening in New Orleans, in October, the MOST perfect month to be here. If you're coming in from far off lands, plan to arrive a day early or stay an extra day. You don't want to miss out on all the food, music, and history the Big Easy has to offer. (We have some connections for private ghost and cemetery tours, as well as the low down on all the good food, vegan friendly and not.) Lastly, if you are coming in and need to book a hotel or *gasp* an AirBnB, please please please, be sure to book with owner-occupied rentals. Friday - October 6. 2017 1pm-4pm & 6-9pm - Ghostly Cotillion Performance Intensive 6 hours of choreography and rehearsals with Dalia to be performed on Saturday night. Max. 10 Saturday - October 7,2017 10am-12pm - Dunyavi Roma (Gypsy) Technique 1pm-3pm - Danse Orientale Dalia Style w/Combos 3:30pm-4:30pm - Performance Intensive Final Rehearsal Sunday - October 8. 2017 Brunch!!! TBD 1pm-3:30pm - Tango Veil Fusion *Class Descriptions are below registration info. Registration details and deadlines are below. Contact Kryss ( for payment plan option. Payment can be made by Check, made payable to Crescent Lotus Dance Studio. Mail to: Dalia Workshop, 3143 Calhoun Street, NOLA 70125 PayPal: crescent *Registration is non-refundable but transfers in entirety are accepted. Early Bird Full Weekend or Performance Intensive Registration CLOSED Weekend Workshops Only - $150 Performance Intensive & Weekend Workshops - $345.00 Regular Registration 5/1/17 - 9/15/17 Saturday Single Class - $60 each Saturday Combo - $100 Sunday Class - $85 Full Weekend Workshops - $170 Late Registration 9/16/17 - 10/5/17 Saturday Single Class - $70 each Saturday Combo - $120 Sunday Class - $90 Full Weekend Workshops - $190 Performance Intensive & Weekend Workshops - $450 Class Descriptions: Performance Intensive - Dalia will be creating and setting a choreography to be performed as the showcase finale Saturday night. We'll have the opportunity to learn from a premiere Theatrical Belly Dance Performer and Choreographer. This will be intensely amazing. You must have 3 years of dance experience,minimum. Dunyavi Roma (Gypsy) Dance – Dunyavi means “World” . This is one of Dalia’s signature art forms that she created in 1979, the name and the movement!. This style blends Turkish, Spanish and Indian Dance into one form. Turkish Roman hand gesturing and foot work are combined with Flamenco arms , skirt work and posturing and Indian hand gesturing and turns. She is the originator of this form and teaches how to fuse these traditional dances into a fiery and intense art form. Dalia will be using 9/8 Karsilama Rhythm in this workshop. She also will educate the student/dancer how to count in this rhythm and feel comfortable in dancing to it. Skirts required. Danse Orientale (Near/Middle Eastern BellyDance) – the Dalia Carella Dance Technique– Dalia has created her own unique style in the field of Middle Eastern Dance, which students worldwide seek to be instructed in this format. This class focuses on taking traditional dance steps of the Near and Middle East while adding a contemporary twist within a Belly Dance format creating interesting combos, choreography and sizzling steps. Hip Work, interesting hands, body isolations and creative floor designs are taught in this class. The student really gets a class in technique and how to bring out more of their “sassiness and sensuality” while becoming one with the music! Danse Orientale Tango Veil Fusion – Join Dalia for a special evening of fusing passionate Tango music with her unique veil technique style of Contemporary Belly Dance Movements. Be prepared to be inspired and take home new combinations to put into your performance repertory or dance knowledge. Emphasis will be on finding a connection with your veil like it was your dance partner as you “become one with the veil.” Interesting foot work including tango walks, ochos, embellishments, arabesques and floor designs will be taught to blend with the music we are using in class. "The Ghostly Cotillion" Our theatircal production will be an adventure that winds through the bayou and the city as we head to a party under the moss laden oak trees of city park. Guests (visiting performers) will be directed and possibly misled by enchanted statues, nature spirits, and "shrubbery". We hope the evening's attendees will range from unicorns to royalty, and all points in between. Participants in the Performance Intensive will be considered for performance slots first. They may use them for themselves or for a duet, trio or troupe number. ALL PERFORMERS MUST BE REGISTERED FOR AT LEAST ONE WORKSHOP. DEADLINE: We want to weave a storyline to make this evening a theatrical adventure. Please submit your concept/character/story and music by midnight on August 15, 2017. NON-PERFORMANCE INTENSIVE PARTICIPANTS: There will be a few spots available in the show and we will be accepting videos (rough rehearsal video is fine) to jury until AUGUST 1, 2017!

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