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The Ishangi Method: Teaching from the Core

  • May 14 – May 15 @ 9:30Am

  • Tulane University, 302 McWilliams Hall

A workshop for dance teachers of all techniques wanting to explore form and function to increase their teaching knowledge and their students' technical abilities. Registration opens March 15, 2016Cost: $275 (includes a $25 non-refundable registration fee) Contact for more info: Call: 504-410-7310 First of a series of 3 workshops. It is not necessary to take all 3 workshops. Workshop 1 is held May 14 & 15. Participants will learn how to reduce hip pain and teach students better pelvic placement. Workshop 2 will be offered in September 2016. This workshop will explore the spine and shoulder girdle. Participants leave understanding how to help students avoid back injury and create more graceful port de bras. Workshop 3 will be offered March 2017. Participants will learn how to stop their students from sickling their feet and create longer lines within their body. Why take this workshop? 8 hours of instruction to improve your teaching skills and increase your students' technical abilities Better understand anatomy Learn how to get your students to increase turn out, jump higher and gain greater range of hip flexibility Learn to effectively correct poor pelvic placement Learn tactile cueing to guide students' understanding of dance vocabulary Learn conditioning exercises to prevent injury and create change that every dancer wants Work in an environment with your peers and pose questions about challenges you face in the classroom What is The Ishangi Method? The Ishangi Method™ is a pedagogical approach that makes proper conditioning and the intelligent exploration of movement an integral part of the dancer's training. In this way, we develop artists who are able to bring head, heart, and body to their performance consequently creating memorable experiences for their audiences and creative productive lives for themselves . Uniquely applying the technologies of GYROTONIC™, GYROKINESIS™, Franklin Method™, Pilates, and other innovative whole body processes such as The Enneagram of Somatic Intelligence, The Ishangi Method™ seeks to continue the tradition of dance excellence.Kehinde Ishangi earned an MFA from Florida State University. She serves on the dance faculty at Tulane University and uses her two decades of performance experience to engage dance pedagogy through a unique approach that offers longevity to teaching and performing artists. Photo credits: Bobby Bonsey

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