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SEPTEMBER 8-10, 2015

  • Tuesday: Contemporary technique

  • Wednesday: Structured improv

  • Thursday: Phrasework lab

Yanina Orellana is originally from Guadalajara, México. She began her studies in Modern Dance with The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing. She received a BFA in Dance at California Institute of the Arts. She has danced in a creation of Rosanna Gamson, Herb Alpert award winner Julia Rhoads and NOLA-based choreographer Meryl Murman. In 2014, she received a full scholarship to be part of the Summer Residency for Teaching Artists at CalArts.

Her teaching philosophy emphasizes education as a process of humanization where the student is conscious of his/her agency to express, create, and transform. The student participates actively–physically and critically–to self-assess and direct his/her learning process. Yanina relies on a contemporary release-based technique to provide a base for healthy movement patterns and to explore an organic physical vocabulary, and she uses Laban Movement Studies to provide an organized structure to study and describe movement.

All classes from 10-1130am at Live Oak Dance (1128 Dublin St) in Riverbend. Drop-in rate is $12. Class cards are available in 10-class increments for $100

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