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Katrina 10: Anniversary Second Line Dance Class

2 PM @ 3143 Calhoun St.

Ticket Pricing $20.00

Aug. 30th Sept. 13th Sept. 27th

10 years later after hurricanes' Katrina+Rita we still have a lot of tasks to accomplish, but our culture is what has carried us through the challenging years. In 10 years we've impacted the world on a global level with our creative approach to music, art, dance, literature, film, and food. Second Line is typically viewed as an improvised style of movement, however theres evidence of the dance style in choreographed forms through urban jazz dance, broadway, and hip-hop. 10 years later, culture bearers, like Marissa J. "MoeJoe" in the New Orleans dance community are creating inventive modalities to elevate a local style of movement based on the foundations of soul, passion, spirituality, ancestry and healing through movement. Attend this fundraiser dance class on August 23rd and August 30th and learn how to Second Line dance/improve technique from the Creole woman's perspective. This class will cover: -footwork -centrifugal hip movements -jumps, turns -attitude -parade walking -choreography to local brass music After this two-week series, students will be able to perform second line dancing in a more soulful manner with a high- spirited feel at local brass events, festivals and second lines. The goal of this two-week course is to support my fundraiser, "Help MoeJoe" Bounce-Out Police Brutality." The fundraiser is to assist in the final payment needed for attorney fees regarding an alleged criminal case pending in St. Bernard Parish on August 26, 2015.

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