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Build It Together - BIT by BIT Workshops

These workshops will be comprised of well trained, well experienced dancers from all over the world. These dancers have worked with popular artists and choreographers in the entertainment industry.

We would like to invite you and your members to our events to learn and network with others. We'd also like to network with you all help make these events and your studio clientele increase in participation.

The workshop is a way to gather dancers from all over the south into one place on a monthly basis to learn, grow and share their love and passion for dancing in order to bridge the gap between cultures. The Build It Together Workshop will act as an outlet to connect dancers for that goal and assist as a networking method for future events. The workshop also gives choreographers from all over a chance to showcase their talents as well as travel to spread their name in different cities nationwide.

Proceeds from the workshops will go towards building Dance 4 Lyfe Studios, a place where performers and entertainers of all types will be able to meet, upgrade, and share their talents with others.

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