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June 4, 2015

Dates: June 12-14 

Where: 3143 Calhoun Street New Orleans, LA 70125

Cost: $210.00

Contact Email:  perchance2dream@hotmail.com


Additional Event Information:

Class descriptions are listed below. Early bird pricing for the Total Experience ends April 17. Individual classes wi...

June 4, 2015




Participants in this wildly popular Flamenco dance class smile, laugh, and move “por fiesta”. This phrase relates to the casual, silly side of Flamenco, full of simple dance steps that create a good time as people sing, clap, and play music together in a friendly, i...

June 2, 2015


The Ishangi Institute Nouvelle Orléans Conservatoire de la Danse presents two weeks of intensive pointe training for ages 13 and up. Students will learn the following: 

• The anatomy of the foot 
• Conditioning for stronger feet, legs and core stability 
• How to bal...